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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

just the way you are...

If you read my blog post from yesterday, you may have noticed that I was complaining about my first glaze fired batch of beads and how they weren't perfect. The glaze was applied more thickly on some than on others and my perfectly matched "pairs" didn't match so perfectly. I had even commented that I probably would never use these beads. After all, they're not perfect.

This morning when I looked at my little pile of beads I decided to look at them separately, not in pairs or groupings the way they were "
supposed" to be but each individually. When I did I noticed that they were actually quite cute. I thought to myself "would I ever criticize someone else's work so harshly?" Probably not.

Then why do I do this to myself

I realized that we are often our own worst critics. Whether it's our hair, our weight, a meal we've cooked or our art it seems easy to dissect ourselves and neatly categorize our flaws.

In honor of this realization I decided to make lemonade out of these self described "lemons". I gathered up a batch of my beads and whipped up a bracelet that's rather cute, if I do say so myself.

Just the Way You Are, by Lisalu Jewels

Now that feels better. :-)

I've decided to give this bracelet as a giveaway. But there's a catch.

First, you must answer this question;

What do you like about yourself today?

It can be anything you'd like, just say something nice about yourself.

Leave a comment and an email address and I'll pick a random winner on Tuesday, February 22.

Be kind to yourself today. :-)

Much love,

Edit: If you don't feel comfortable leaving your email address (I totally understand) just make sure I have a way to contact you if you win. :-) If you follow my facebook page I can contact you there. Thanks again!


  1. Besides loving your exquisite jewelry, I am happy that I discovered
    my love of writing.

  2. That's awesome Gloria and thank you!

  3. Today I like the motivation I have to clean my room.

    It is a great feeling to help inspire someone. I get to do this once in a while. Lisa you do this everyday!

  4. I like that I can make tasty treats that look pretty too!

  5. PS Your "lemons" look awesome!

  6. I really like how funny I am today..and always(haha) love that i can make people laugh
    And you are right Lisa, no one judges us or our work as harshly as ourselves, I love the bracelet, it's beautiful!


  7. What a lovely bracelet! I tend to beat myself up for little things. But what I do like about myself is that when I volunteer for a project such as charity or civic committees, I always give more than 100 percent. You'll never hear me say 'well that will just have to do'.

    Thanks for the reminder to love ourselves!

  8. Bracelet is beautiful!!

    What I like about me today is that I am always willing to give things another try. I've had bad results with some glazes lately (three tries), I am changing the clay this time and see what happens.

  9. I LOVE this post Lisa! You are inspiring and so talented! :)

    After 10 years of procrastinating I'm finally learning how to play guitar right now! I'm awful at it and clueless to what's going on lol but having fun anyway and refuse to give up :) (Mike was actually was one of the people that inspired me to want to learn how to play! I miss DMB guitar nights with him!)

    Michelle G.

  10. Lisa,

    I like what you did with your "lemons", why oh why are we our own worst critic. I would never have called those moody blue beads"lemons!"

    Today I am proud of the fact that I am persistently trying to learn this blogging world!!
    It has given me some challenges and I have managed to nut it out for myself.


  11. Thank you so much for sharing ladies! You rock!

  12. Today I found out (through that my great great grandfather was a master glass blower. I feel good that that the creative part of him may be a part of the creative part of me :)

  13. I think your bracelet is gorgeous!

    I read your blog today for the first time. Ironically, I was taking a break from criticizing my own work as I was editing photos for my new website. Your message came at the perfect time to remind me to be more gentle with my self & work. Thank you for that! :)

    So I'm now taking the time to appreciate my patience & energy levels while trying to balance my family life & my business happenings.

    Kristi MacFarlane


Your comments make me smile. :-)

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