Sugar Me Sweet ~ Pendant: Cindy Gimbrone, Enamel Bead: Sue Beads, Lampwork: J Savina Beads, Ceramic: Golem Studio.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Color Me Happy!

Today I had some unexpected time in the studio so I'm firing my first bisque load of beads! I'm so excited because after this I can finally glaze them! I've been getting tired of staring at these boring gray beads. It's time for some color!

Speaking of color, I just have to share a link to one of my new favorite blogs. It seems as though many of my jewelry designing friends and followers have already found this site but if you haven't seen it yet check out
Love My Art Jewelry. It's hosted by an amazing group of talented and well known jewelry and bead artists and the site's motto is "making handmade with handmade", right up my alley!

They have a
monthly challenge for jewelry designers and this months challenge inspiration photo is the cover of the book "Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green". I'm so inspired by this color palette! The colors are just so cheerful and bright, I can't help but smile just looking at them. I've been playing with my beads and putting together a selection of both handmade and commercial beads in this palette.

Love My Art Jewelry, February Challenge

Check out the gorgeous heart pendant by Cindy Gimbrone! When she posted this pendant on her blog a few weeks ago I just had to have it! Like, now! It's a beautiful shade of fuchsia (LOVE) and it's a heart! Two of my favorite things. I know, I'm such a girl. ;-) There are also some beautiful lampwork beads in the mix as well. I'm really not sure what I'm actually going to do with these beads yet but I have a few ideas floating around in my head.

I'll be sure to share some photos of my newly bisqued beads tomorrow!

Happy wednesday everyone!

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