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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rosy Rouge or Mango Parfait?

I love reading jewelry related blogs. I follow several (see sidebar) and have come to feel like I know many of these bloggers. I read about their work, their families, their personal struggles and what inspires them. Although I feel like I know them, I realize that they know nothing about me. It's kind of strange having these one sided friendships. Well, I'm setting out to change that.

One of the ways bloggers get to know each other is by participating in contests, challenges and blog hops. I'm happy to announce that I will be participating in my first ever blog hop challenge! The challenge is hosted by Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Travati. It's called The Challenge of Color and you can read more about it on her blog.

Basically each player chooses a color family and Erin will send them a paint chip in that color family. I have a tendency to work in the blue/green color family and have decided to push my boundaries a little and chose the opposite side of the color wheel... RED!

Here's the chip that Erin sent me.

Here are the rules posted by Erin:

1:Choose a color family to work with (i.e., blue, green, brown, etc.). It can be something that you feel safe with... or pick a palette that is challenging for you. ;-)

2:Email your name, address, and color family to with the subject line Paint Chip Challenge. If you have a blog, include that link, too. {Email must be received by Friday, November 5th.}

3:I will mail a paint chip palette chosen just for you. {If you live outside of the US, I would still love to have you play, but I will email you a scanned color palette instead in the interest of time.}
3::You will create jewelry using your paint chip in any percentage of color that you like from the chip. Bonus points if you can use all the colors provided!

4::Select a name from your palette for your piece.

6::Blog Hop on Friday, December 3rd about your color palette and creative process. Be sure to show the paint palette you receive!

I can't wait to play! I just ordered some snazzy art beads in my color palette. I'm going to use all three colors. I'd love to show them to you but you'll have to wait until the big reveal December 3!

Wish me luck!

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