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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Color Spotlight: Chartreuse~ Love it or hate it?

The color chartreuse brings out strong emotions in people. It's one of those colors you either love or hate. It's rare for a person to feel completely neutral about chartreuse. I personally love it. Would I wear a chartreuse sweater? Probably not but it small doses chartreuse can add a much needed pop of color. It's beautiful in home decor and looks fantastic combined with bluish greens like peacock or teal and with brown for a retro vibe. Combine it with black and white for a look that's classy and modern. I had fun searching Etsy today for some lovely chartreuse items. Instead of listing them one by one here on my blog I decided to do an Etsy treasury. What fun!

Here are some fabulous chartreuse finds.

'Chartreuse~ Love it or hate it?' by lisalujewels

LA FEE VERTE Absinthe Green ...


Dipping dish - ginkgo in cha...


Set of two (2) 18 inch throw...


Chartreuse Enameled Earrings...




Chartreuse Modern Eco Friend...


Chartreuse Circles - wirewra...


Peacock Feather Silk Dupioni...


Ruffle Scarf, Hand Knit Wool...


Green Cameo Feather Nerd


Tree Silhouette Wrap LEATHER...


Christmas Nested Mini-Bowls ...


Touch - 8x10 Fine Art Nature...


Bag Purse - Sun Lemon Lime


Split Pea Versatility - Butt...


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  1. I love chartreuse! I would even wear a sweater that shade...actually I have... and I own two pairs of shoes that color too! I think of it as such a spring shade but some of the items you've featured here make me think of it for other seasons too :)

  2. Thanks ladies! Ooooh, chartreuse shoes!

  3. I absolutely love it! It looks marvelous with purple!


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