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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Blahs

It happens to me every year around this time.  The warm coziness of the holidays is over, spring is yet to begin and I get the blahs.  I look out at the dark gloomy skies (I live in Vancouver where it's often dark and gloomy) and my body and mind just ache for light.  I crave the feeling of bare feet, bare shoulders and sun on my skin.  I feel like I wake up in the spring and then come alive in the summer.  Late winter feels like something to get through. 

The View from Here
photo taken from my living room

In the winter I wear pants and sweaters (blah) but in the summer I wear outfits with matching jewelry not smothered by a heavy winter coat.  In the winter I eat apples harvested in the fall, but in the summer I get to savour the bright juiciness of fresh strawberries and peaches. I can almost taste that sweet nectar on my tongue just thinking about it.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate winter.  Sometimes nothing feels better than watching falling snow while sipping a cup of hot cocoa, but by this time of year, winter feels stale.  Like it has overstayed its welcome.  The trees are just waiting for a sliver of sunshine to burst forth with their blossoms and I too am waiting to burst forth with my creative blooms.  When winter has dropped its last icy rain drop, the city around me begins to spring to life. 

And when those first rays fall on me I will rub the sleep out of my eyes and stretch my limbs.  I will pop my head out of the cave I've been hibernating in and breathe in the sweet fresh air. 

I will savour the months ahead.  I will play outside.  I will wear pretty clothes, I will create pretty things and soak up all the sunshine and fun that spring and summer has to offer.

Until my body craves the crisp cool air of autumn...


  1. Yes I understand how you feel Lisa. I once lived in a tropical climat, I missed Autumn and Spring so much, I yearned for bare trees and bulbs popping up. Continual sunny days were tiresome! We all need the excitement that comes with change I think. It won't be long now!

  2. I actually live in the Caribbean, so I don't get the seasons, the snow or the grey, but would be happy to email you some photos of the sunshine. My life tends to be full of saturated in your face color, so there are times I actually crave soft, muted tones. Sending you some warm breezes!

  3. Thanks Jenni and Krys. :-) It's true, we always crave what we don't have don't we?

  4. I feel the same way. I love winter...and then I don't. It's going to be in the 60's Thursday and Friday and I am looking forward to opening a few windows and letting in a little fresh air.

  5. As a fellow west coaster let me give you a cyber ((hug)). Winter here depresses me, I crave seasons. Not one long wet one, I want snow in winter! I struggle this time of year every year, I'm not sure how to get around it other than to slog through it.

  6. I love your description! While I love winter, the snow, the cold, the cocoa, I agree, it is stale at this point. I am so ready for the sunshine, the greens, blues, pinks, the warm breezes! Soon, I hope. Soon. :)

  7. I can actually see a patch of blue sky today! It's still not very warm but hopefully soon. :-)


Your comments make me smile. :-)

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