Sugar Me Sweet ~ Pendant: Cindy Gimbrone, Enamel Bead: Sue Beads, Lampwork: J Savina Beads, Ceramic: Golem Studio.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I think I have a soup hangover...

Whew! That was quite the party! I was feeling a little hungover but went back for more. Nothing like a little hair of the dog that bit you... right?  

I'm still working my way through all the blogs.  I think I have now viewed 140 of 210 blogs.  If you're looking for my Bead Soup Reveal, it's one post down. :-)

My strategy for visiting all the party goers?  I broke them into blocks of 10, I covered my own block of 10 first and then hopped all over the place (in groups of 10) in no particular order.  Being in the middle section (at #140) I know these people have not gotten as many visitors as those at the beginning and the end of the list. 

What I have gained from this experience: 

-First, I have gained blog followers.  Welcome everyone!
-Second, I have found many new blogs to follow!  Talk about eye candy!
-I have also found many new bead makers who make me feel the need to hide my wallet. ;-) Drool!!
-I have gained a huge amount of inspiration!  If checking out 210 gorgeous pieces of jewelry doesn't inspire you, nothing will.
-I have gained some great new ideas for my own blog!  Check out my new signature on the bottom of my posts.  This cool idea came from this blog hop.
-I have gained an enormous amount of respect for people who organize blog hops.  My goodness, that must have been a lot of work!
-And last but not least, I have gained a big ego boost from all the lovely comments that were left on my blog. :-)

Thank you so much everyone!

I also wanted to share a photo of what came out of my kiln on Saturday morning!  I've been dying to share but wanted to hold off for a bit to let the dust settle from the party.

My Second Glaze Firing
New Beads Cololage

I'm going to get back to blog hopping.  My goal is to visit and leave a comment on every single one.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Lisa i hopped my way through all of them finished late this afternoon, i started at the top until 100 them from bottom back up, such a wide range of unique and inspiring creations, cudos to Miss Lori for organizing and coming up with the concept for this wonderful sharings of our love of creating. i really love the burgandy set of beads Lisa Yummy!!

  2. know, I got so much from this bead soup than I ever, ever realized I would! I loved this post. It made me think of all the things I learned & gained from it....besides being super fun =)

  3. I know what you mean! I'm still not finished, but I'm having so much fun exploring. I've followed a bunch more and I've gained many new followers too. All the sweet comments made me feel much better about my necklace. Reading everything really made me wonder how I ever doubted it!

    I'm definitely going to participate in more challenges and things like this - it's really inspirational.

    Oh, and I love your purple beads!

  4. pretty pretty beads Lisa. I know what you mean about a hangover..I don't want to see another link list until September! lol

  5. I am still swimming in soup! I did the first blog and the last blog (and my partner of course) and then started by 1s, 2s, 3s, etc. Now I am just going back to the blocks, much easier!
    I love that you learned new things, found new friends, sparked new ideas. That is what it is all about.

    Love the signature. Wonder if I could do that? Is it hard to do?
    Love your eye candy...those are so juicy I want to bite right in!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. Ok, so you have to show us how to do the signature thing! I'm with you, got lots of inspiration, new followers, and new people to follow, including you! Love all the talent I got to see and read. Lori is the best! Can't wait til August!

  7. Great post! I missed the blog party this time, but after your comments can't wait to catch the next one. Your beads are lovely!

    And I'll ask to since others have, how did you do your signature??? LOL


Your comments make me smile. :-)

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