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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Crafty Christmas Exchange

Have you ever participated in a Christmas cookie exchange? How about a Christmas ornament exchange?
This year I invited a group of friends and family to participate in what I called a Crafty Christmas Ornament Exchange. It works basically like a cookie exchange where each participant makes enough ornaments for themselves and the entire group. We had 7 participants of all different crafting levels. We got together last week to exchange our ornaments. It was great to see what everyone came up with!

Here's a picture of what we made!

Crafty Christmas

I bet you can guess which one was mine (hint, there's a bead dangle). I actually made 3 for each person because they were so easy I felt like I was cheating!

I bought a kit from Sun and Moon crafts on Etsy that included the bottle caps and resin "stickers". After downloading and printing some collage sheets from Designs buy Linda Nee I punched 1 inch circles, mod podged them into the bottle caps and popped a resin dome on top! I punched a hole in the top and bottom of the bottle cap with an awl and hammer and then attached jump rings and the bead dangle beneath. Piece of cake! I have made so many that now I'm attaching one to each gift I give this Christmas as a gift tag. I've also made dozens of magnets using the same technique (great stocking stuffers!).


It was great to do some simple crafting just for fun. Sure, making jewelry is fun too but I think I take myself too seriously sometimes. A project like this was a great way to free my mind and loosen up.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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